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About this course

This course is to help publish, and aspiring authors, acquire the tools and knowledge needed to go from publish to profit. You will learn how to brand your business, identify your niche, reach your target audience, book speaking engagements, turn your book into a profit-making machine, automate your business, and establish your online presence.

If you are ready to get your books in the hands of your target audience, I am happy to help you with that!

Learning Outcome

After the completion of this course, you will have a proven strategy and the tools you need to become a profitable author. 

Publish To Profit

  • 30 Ways to market your book
  • The Marketing Pro
  • Brand Visibility 
  •  The Art of Problem Solving 

14 Tips To Become Best-Seller

  • The 24-Hour push to best seller
  • Magic Money
  • Dropshipping 
  • Merchandising
  •  Identify your niche 
Salmon Global Academy
Brand Visibility 

  • Locate your target audience
  • Book sales strategy  
  •  Finding Free or Cheap Media Exposure 

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What will you gain from this course?

This course is a comprehensive training to help authors establish a brand that turn their books into profit.

You will learn how to  Identify your writing niche, locate your target audience, establish your brand  identity, learn book sales strategy, brand visibility, finding your tribe, merchandising , dropshipping, finding free or cheap media exposure, and much more.

Publish To Profit